– Minutes – 7th Jan 2020

A Parish Council meeting was held in the Village Hall, West Burton on Tuesday, 7 January 2020
Present: Miss Jane Ritchie, Chairman, Ms Beth Daley, Mr Rowland Dent, Mr Andrew Landau and Mrs Sally Sahin Councillors, and Mrs Susan Ryding, Clerk.

Also present: County and District Councillor Yvonne Peacock, and Mr John Lanaghan, a resident of the Parish. Mr Lanaghan addressed the Council regarding the lack of reliable internet connection in both North and South Walden and asked for the Council’s support in rectifying the situation. The Council agreed to bring the matter forward to the next meeting and thanked Mr Lanaghan for this information.

  1. Apologies
    There were no apologies, all the members being present.
  2. Declarations of interest
    Councillor Beth Daley declared a personal interest in Item 5.
  3. Minutes
    The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 3 December 2019, having been circulated to all Members, were confirmed as a true copy, and duly signed by the Chairman.
  4. Clerk’s Report
    The Clerk reported on the following matters:
    • Repairs to the swings
    • Work to connect the Sewage Pumping Station at Waterfall Cottage
    • Council finances.
  5. Council website
    The Clerk reported that a meeting with Mr Martin Dimmock had not yet been arranged, but it was hoped that this would take place shortly.
  6. West Burton Village Shop
    Councillors considered a request from the owner of the shop, Mr Brian Grant, for a community buyout. The Chairman reported that she had asked Mr Grant to provide information regarding the lease on the premises and other relevant financial documents, with a view to holding a public meeting to discuss the possibilities. These documents had not been provided.
    RESOLVED: That no further action could be taken until accurate information on the state of the finances of the shop were available and that the Clerk should contact Mr Grant to let him know that decision.
  7. New plinths at the entrance to the Village
    The Clerk reported that it had not been possible to arrange anything further due to the Christmas break, but that she would get in touch with A D Calvert’s as soon as possible.
  8. Safety barrier over the entrance to the leat
    The Clerk reported that she had received a message from Mr Peter Iveson that the person he had hoped would be able to supply a barrier was not able to do so. She suggested that Mr Jason Hammond of HSF Steel Fabrication, who made the railings by the Waterfall, might be willing to take on the work.
    RESOLVED: That the Clerk should contact Mr Hammond to ask if he would undertake the manufacture of the barrier.
  9. Consultation request on the new Local Plan
    The Council considered a consultation request from the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority for input on the new Local Plan for 2023-2040. An online survey request had been circulated before the meeting and Councillors discussed the twelve points that had been put forward by the Park Authority in this survey
    RESOLVED: That Councillors should respond as individuals if they wished to do so, and the Clerk should include the website in the next Newsletter. However, Councillors also resolved to continue participating in the Wensleydale and Coverdale Parish Council Forum, chaired by Councillor Yvonne Peacock, as the main means of influencing the content of the new Local Plan.
  10. Home Office consultation on unauthorised encampment
    Councillors considered a consultation request from the Government on strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampment. Information on this matter had been circulated before the meeting.
    RESOLVED: That the Council should respond that police powers should be strengthened and that trespassing on private land should be made a criminal, rather than a civil, offence.
  11. Consultation request on communications with Richmondshire District Council
    The Council considered a consultation request from Richmondshire District Council on whether or not the arrangements for communications between Parish Councils and RDC were adequate and effective.
    RESOLVED: That the Clerk should respond that the Council was satisfied that the current arrangements were effective and, in particular, that the assiduous attendance and assistance of the current and previous District Councillors at Parish Council meeting was most helpful in fostering good communication between the two Councils.
  12. Planning Application R/54/162/OH for Routengill, Walden
    Councillors considered a planning application to convert overhead Low Voltage (LV) conductors from bare wire to an Aerial Bunched Conductor (ABC) at Routengill, Walden
    RESOLVED: That the Council had no objection to make to this application.
  13. Bank reconciliation and internal control report
    The Responsible Financial Officer tabled a bank reconciliation for the Council’s perusal, and Councillor Beth Daley reported on an internal control inspection that had been carried out that morning.
    RESOLVED: That the report and the bank reconciliation are approved.
  14. Review of Internal Control and Internal Audit Policy and Procedure
    Councillors reviewed the Internal Control and Internal Audit Policy and Procedure which had been circulated before the meeting, and considered the appointment of an Internal Auditor for the financial year 2019/20.
    RESOLVED: That the Policy and Procedure is adopted unchanged, and that Mrs Pauline Beckett should be asked if she would once again carry out the Internal Audit.
  15. Invoices
    Cheques for the following invoices were signed
    • PAYE – £125.20
    • Clerk’s salary – £598.60
    • Office supplies – £56.60 (VAT £9.43)
    • Christmas tree – £120.00 (VAT £20.00)
    • Village Hall rental – £15.00
  16. Notice of meetings and reports of meeting attended
    Councillors noted the dates of future meetings and received reports on meetings attended.
  17. Circulation of the other documents
    There were no other documents for circulation.
  18. Items for the next agenda
    RESOLVED: That in addition to the items mention above, the following items should be included in the next agenda.
    • The expansion of Aysgarth Lodge Holiday Park, Westholme
    • Visibility on South Walden Road near the Caravan Site
    • Support for the BAWB Federation of Schools following a recent meeting

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm
Date of the next meeting, Tuesday, 4 February 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Chairman: J O Ritchie
Date:4 February 2020

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