– Minutes – 3rd Dec 2019

A Parish Council meeting was held in the Village Hall, West Burton on Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Present: Miss Jane Ritchie, Chairman, Ms Beth Daley, Mr Rowland Dent, Mr Andrew Landau and Mrs Sally Sahin Councillors, and Mrs Susan Ryding, Clerk

Also present:  County and District Councillor Yvonne Peacock

1.  Apologies
There were no apologies, all the members being present.

2.  Declarations of interest
Councillor Beth Daley declared a personal interest in Item 5.

3.  Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 5 November 2019, having been circulated to all Members, were confirmed as a true copy, and duly signed by the Chairman

4.  Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported on the following matters:

  • Council precept
  • Repairs to the South Walden Road
  • Wayleave agreement
  • Repairs to the swings
  • Council finances

5.  Council website
The Council considered a further quotation received from Inflected Limited, and discussed a report from the Clerk on her first meeting with Mr Martin Dimmock. The Clerk also tabled an invoice for the domain name for £7.19 (VAT £1.20)

RESOLVED: That the Clerk should set up a meeting after Christmas with Mr Martin Dimmock and the Chairman and Councillor Beth Daley, and that a cheque for £7.19 should be duly signed

6.  New plinths at the entrance to the Village
The Clerk reported that she had approached two firms to ask if they would undertake the work of building the plinths, but they had both declined.  However, A D Calvert had confirmed that they could supply their own builder.  The Clerk also reported that Mr Mark Stanley had agreed to remove the old stones when required.

RESOLVED:  That the Clerk should confirm these arrangements with A D Calvert

7.  Safety barrier over the entrance to the leat
The Clerk reported that she had recently spoken to Mr Peter Iveson to ask if a design and details of cost for the barrier were available, but had not received this information to date.

RESOLVED:  That the Clerk should contact Mr Iveson again

8.  Review of the Council’s Risk Assessment
The Council reviewed the Risk Assessment prior to the receipt of the quotation for the Council’s insurance.

RESOLVED:  That the entrance to the leat should be added as a risk, but that otherwise the Risk Assessment is approved

9.  Yes Energy Solutions
Councillors considered information received on an energy scheme which was being sponsored and promoted by Richmondshire District Council.

RESOLVED:  That an item on this scheme should be included in the January Newsletter

10.  Dates for meetings in 2020
The Council considered a calendar of proposed dates for meetings in 2020 which had been circulated earlier.

RESOLVED:  That the dates are approved and that the calendar should be sent to the Village Hall treasurer, the person responsible for bookings and any other interested person

11.  Items for the January Newsletter
Councillors discussed items that should be included in the next Newsletter.

RESOLVED:  That the Clerk should note the suggestions and ensure the items are included

12.  Invoices
Cheques for the following invoices were signed

  • Eyecatching Signs – £144.00 (VAT £24.00)

13.  Notice of meetings and reports of meeting attended
Councillors noted the dates of future meetings and received reports on meetings attended. 

14.  Circulation of the other documents
There were no other documents for circulation.

15.  Items for the next agenda
RESOLVED: That in addition to the items mention above, there were no other items to be included on the next agenda

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35 pm

Date of the next meeting, Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

                                                                                                Chairman:  J O Ritchie

                                                                                                Date: 7 January 2020

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