– Minutes – 5th October 2021

A Parish Council meeting was held in the Village Hall, West Burton on Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

Present: Miss Jane Ritchie, Ms Beth Daley, Mr Rowland Dent, Mr Andrew Landau and Mrs Sally Sahin, Councillors, and Mrs Susan Ryding, Clerk

  1. Apologies

There were no apologies, all the members being present.

  1. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

  1. Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 7 September 2021, having been circulated to all Members, were confirmed as a true copy, and duly signed by the Chairman.

  1. Clerk’s Report

The Clerk reported on the following matters:

  • Loose drain cover
  • Community project for trees
  • Council finances

The Clerk also reported that she had received a telephone call this morning from engineers from Richmondshire District Council looking into the feasibility of a new street light on the grass triangle between the Front and Back Nooks. Unfortunately, the engineers had reported that the location was unsuitable for a solar light because of the trees, and the cost of running a cable from the light on the Back Nook would be in the tens of thousands. This information was then discussed by the Members. The engineers had also confirmed that all the street lights in West Burton would be converted to LED lights.

RESOLVED: That Councillor Rowland Dent would make further enquiries as to the cost of running a cable to a new light

  1. Half-yearly review of the budget

The Members considered the half-yearly review of the budget and received a verbal report from the Clerk. The Clerk also reported that the bank statement had not yet arrived, but that a bank reconciliation would be forwarded to them in due course. Future expenditure was discussed.

RESOLVED: That the half-yearly budget review is accepted and approved.

  1. Provisional setting of the Precept

The Council considered a provisional setting of the Precept

RESOLVED: That, barring unforeseen circumstances, the Precept should remain at £6,600.

  1. Arrangements for Bonfire Night

The Clerk reported that the arrangements for Bonfire Night on 6 November were going well. Mr Peter Wheeler had purchased the fireworks and they had been collected. A payment had been made from the Fundraising account to cover the cost. Councillor Andy Landau confirmed that he intended to hold a Boozy Bingo event in the Fox and Hounds Inn on the evening of 5 November to raise funds for next year’s Bonfire Night, and a barbeque and a raffle would be held on the night of the event. Councillors also considered the letter from Mr Peter Wheeler, outlining in detail how the event would be held, and the Clerk tabled the draft Risk Assessment. Various amendments to the Risk Assessment were considered.

RESOLVED: That the arrangements are approved, but that the Risk Assessment should include the following amendments. High-vis jackets should be obtained for all volunteers, the location of the first-aiders should be made clear and the height of the safety fence around the Bonfire should be designed to deter encroachment near the Bonfire, but also not to cause a trip hazard. All details of the event should be included in the October Newsletter, including asking for volunteers.

  1. Road safety improvements

The Clerk reported that she had not heard anything further since the email from Mr Ian Beighton had been received and circulated to the Councillors. Mr Beighton had confirmed that he would be inspecting the area and considering the improvements suggested in due course.

RESOLVED: That the Council would await Mr Beighton’s response.

  1. Plinths at the entrances to West Burton

Councillors considered suggestions for a re-design of the plinths so that they more closely resembled the existing plinths. Consideration was also given as to who could do the work, with Mr John Miller and Mr Peter Iveson being suggested.

RESOLVED: That the Clerk should contact Mr Miller and Mr Iveson, and talk to A D Calvert’s about acquiring the stone. She should also enquire where local stone could be sourced.

  1. Invoice for work

The Clerk tabled an invoice for £1,530.00 (VAT £255.00) from Mr Peter Iveson for work carried out to clear the Beck.

RESOLVED: That a cheque for this amount should be duly signed.

  1. Arrangements for Christmas

Arrangements for Christmas were considered including the date for the tree to be put up. Councillor Andrew Landau confirmed that he was happy to hold the usual Christmas lighting up event with punch and mince pies. Arrangements for the use of electricity were also discussed, including donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Great North Air Ambulance in lieu of payment.

RESOLVED: That the tree should be put in place on Saturday, 11 December, and that Mr David Dent should be asked if he would kindly undertake this work. The Clerk should contact Dr Wrigley of The Black Bull to ask permission to use the electricity and that if he kindly agreed, a donation of £25.00 should be drawn up to be sent to each of the Air Ambulances. The lighting-up event should be held on Sunday, 12 December, and that all the details of the event should be included in the October Newsletter.

  1. Purchase of new litter bins

Councillors considered an email received from Richmondshire District Council which stated that if Councils wished to purchase new litter bins, the District Council would undertake to empty them.

  1. Invoices

Cheques for the following invoices were signed

  • The Fox and Hounds Inn – £32.00
  • J W Alderson & Son – £40.00 (£6.67)
  1. Notice of meetings and reports of meeting attended

Councillors noted the dates of future meetings, and received reports on meetings attended. In particular, the Members noted a report from the Chairman on a meeting of the Fundraising Group which had considered whether or not to distribute the funds remaining from the last round of fundraising before the pandemic, or whether this money should be retained to help with the costs of HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee lunch on 5 June 2022.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council preferred to keep the amount of £731.99 to put towards future costs, but would abide by the decision of the Fundraising Group at its next meeting in January 2022.

  1. Items for the next agenda

RESOLVED: That in addition to any matters mentioned above, the following item should be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

  • Pruning the cherry tree on the Village Green
  • The state of the Walden roads

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm

Date of the next meeting, Tuesday, 2 November 2021 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

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